What is documentary photography

And is it right for me and my family?

Documentary family photography preserves the story of your family life right now

nothing posed or directed; simply honest moments, beautifully photographed.

“Lifestyle photography is celebrating the idea of a perfect life. Documentary photography is celebrating the idea of real life. 

The way I see it, a lifestyle shooter is always looking to capture the visual beauty of life and family –  the happiness of family life, the joy, and the love!

The documentary family photographer wants to capture the beauty of real family life, which includes more than just happiness, love, and joy. Besides happiness and love it also include chaos, tantrums and tears.

A documentary photographer’s mission is not to make people look their best – the mission is to make people remember how their life was, including the fun, the love, the hard times, and the chaos.

The lifestyle photographer captures the beauty of a family in a directed way, she can pose the family and arrange situations to create beautiful emotions and expressions. 

The documentary photographer lets the moment evolve by itself, and there is never any posing or acting in front of the camera, so all expressions and emotions and captured naturally, without any direction from the photographer. And all emotions are welcome.

Sometimes I hear people talk about documentary family photography as “candid photography”, but to me that is wrong. I think that candid photography is taking photos without permission, but the documentary family photographers are very involved in the process, not through directions and posing, but through observing, waiting, and anticipating the right moment to shoot.”

– MINNA RIDDERSTOLPE |  Stockholm, Sweden Family Photographer